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2016-08-28 06:53:47 by DarkBlueFX

To all those who care,

Oxytoxic has been a project of mine for about 3 years, I typically get most of the work done on this when I am sleep deprived.  Most of the ideas seem to come when I'm in this state and maybe it helps get me into the 'madness' emotion which I'm trying to express in it.

I posted a preview of this song and I'm leaving it up mostly for the GMD users but when the final version comes out, I will hopefully have an animation made for it as well.



Btw, that's when I started the 3rd version of this song and I have all 103 mixer channels filled (not necessarily used tho) and the FLP file is 5400 kB (That means I did a f*** ton of clicking).


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2016-08-28 07:44:36