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Family quarrel Family quarrel

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is neat, I like this. The hook/melody you have here is really catchy to me. I like the trade off between the guitar and the piano. Just considering the vibe of this song thus far, it makes me want to hear it mixed in like a 'lo-fi' hip hop kind of feel. Like I'm kinda curious what this would sound like with vinyl emulation on just the instrumentals (like from iZotope vinyl or something). Maybe even really subtle bitcrushing.

I think you could do without those first two sounds in the intro. I think the reason they don't seem to go with it well is because the glass break isn't reverbed enough to fit with the melody behind it. Maybe it could be stretched and reverbed. Also the vinyl scratch sound effect is kind of weird to me because I can still hear the audio behind it.

Props my dude!

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Mind Games Mind Games

Rated 4 / 5 stars

*reads description*
You already sound like an artist!

I wouldn't be overly critical about your voice, it works very well for this song, especially considering you have your voice as you main focus here. You definitely nailed the trance vibe; the arp sequence, piano, and delay/reverb effects you used here sell that, plus I like that you have some movement in your synth to keep it from getting monotonous. The sub also sounds well-balanced on my setup.


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Tokyo Drift - 8LayneTech8 Tokyo Drift - 8LayneTech8

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is good! The percussion here works, I wouldn't change anything about that. I think you had the best atmosphere at 53s. I also like the left-panned reverbed synth that comes in at 1:14, the little background elements definitely add some 'aesthetic'. Did you use izotope Vinyl for the vinyl simulation? If not, definitely check it out.

I think something you could work on is the 'communication' between your elements. Like the percussion and the low-mid bass I think have good communication because they both create a good rhythm together. The first lead synth, the bells and arp that come in seem to work with each other, but not with the underlying rhythm established by the low-mid bass and percussion. Also I would try pitching the little 'ahhh' vowel somewhere else just because it sounds dissonant and no elements after that seem to complement that dissonance (so don't get me wrong, dissonance can definitely work in some situations). Also of the spaces you created after that I think are fine, and very true to what vaporwave is.

Keep it up my dude!

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Look What You Made Me Do Look What You Made Me Do

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I personally really like the feeling of this song, I think the arp layered with the abrupt low square is my favorite sound to convey this atmosphere. You made this very uncompromising in its' theme but I think if you found a way to transition to a different feeling (the eerie feeling should stay, my first thoughts want to go to something uplifting to give contrast to the dark feeling). I like that the song sort of swelled in a somewhat consistent manner, that kept me grounded when listening to it.

Keep it up, it's really cool!

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Different Different

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're out of my league to actually give constructive criticism. I just appreciate your work and especially your mixing.

If money is something you're looking for with music production why not lend some of your mixing skills? I can't believe you only spent 11 hours on this, that is amazing. You clearly have an ear for mixing electronic music (and quickly). I'm curious how you would mix other types of music.

11:17 is my favorite part, when listening to the song for long enough that chord really stands out. Your mixing here really stands out a lot more to me than your arrangement in this though. In terms of the mixing though, part of me wanted to hear you play with your stereo image more, based on the mixing I'm sure you have the tools and skill to get creative in that respect. Then again, your average NGer probably isn't going to be listening for stereo image. Some people will probably say this is too long, but just playing the song without looking at the end time kept my attention throughout it.

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Cursedsnake responds:

Same as for tinymanx- Best comments ever. Thank you!
I'm planning to make a live stream where I'll be making music and stuff. But I don't know yet because I'm stuttering and thus I don't really like talking, which sometimes affects my community involvement- As you might have noticed because I rarely write back :P
We'll see. Thanks again!

Lost Thoughts Lost Thoughts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Welp, biased here because I just like synthwave, listened to this quite a few times now.

It is awesome to hear you pay more attention to your stereo image! And I'm really happy that happened when you decided to play around with synthwave. You're definitely improving fast, as far as techincal ability there's not much I can really say, you know as much as I know at this point it seems. The style is very true to what synthwave is, especially in the synths that you used and in the arragement of your chords and leads. The arp at 45s really sells it for me. If you wanted to go more in the direction of synthwave, I would recommend using something for either vinyl or tape emulation (or maybe try to do it your own, maybe difficult but unnecessary). iZotope vinyl is a good start for this (bit annoying to work with sometimes but it does a good job). Even bitcrushing can be useful for this genre. A song I used as a mixing reference (especially for percussion) in synthwave was Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut and iZotope was became very useful. Maybe it would be lame to just copy it, but being able to achieve that sound might help, idk. Love the transition and the swells for the beginning of a new phrase, you got that shit down.

My only suggestion is the snare/rimshot you used in the intro. I do like how it contrasts the percussion you have in the chorus, however it doesn't fit with the feel of the song for me in the context of synthwave for me. Gives me a march feel or maybe it's a bit intense for the progression behind it, it's hard to tell exactly what it is when you're only working off of the immediate feeling something gives you.

Love it, you keep doing you.

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TrickshotCat12 responds:

Thank you so much! You're my favourite person on this site and you always give the best reviews and advice, it has helped me so much it wouldn't be the same without you :)

Hope to see more reviews from you aswell, love reading it.

Radiance - Collab Radiance - Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Always nice to hear ya! I'm typing the first paragraph here after my first listen (usually more reflective of my subjective first impressions) and the second after I've listened to it 4 times.

You have a solid hook here which is definitely characteristic of your house music inspired style. I effing love how the style changed at 2:13 to a synthwave-ish kinda style (mostly just cause I've been listening to Carpenter Brut recently). Some synthwave music uses a rhythm which includes a bass arp like the one you have in your first drop. I think something like that would have fit there with the same kind of manual sidechaining you have on the first one maybe with some minor bitcrushing. Check out CMT bitcrusher, it's free and is just great, you can get the .zip from this page

Now I've listened to this a couple times. The piano stands out to me, I think because I come from a family where everyone plays piano and so expression in velocity is something that is just kind of important to me (house doesn't typically give a fuck about the next point I'm making). When a pianist plays, every key is hit with a different velocity but also some keys (even within the same chord) are plays with different velocities intentionally as to add more expression. This is where having a velocity-sensitive keyboard really comes into play as it becomes much easier to capture the expression from your keystrokes (may require some piano experience). Just a technique I think you could incorporate for now is just playing with the velocities of all the notes until you find something which seems for expressive to you (a lot of inspiration for velocity expression in piano comes from classical music in my case, it may take some listening to get a feel for it). I do think it can be applied to house though. Maybe playing with some more reverb on the piano would be nice too (I just like reverbed pianos, I may be biased there)

Still love the synthwave-ish part, you're definitely getting better at using portamento in your hooks now, which is definitely something that can be risky if you don't know what you're doing. It works very well here. I like the tom fills you have and how you used them to transition. Maybe one thing I would say is try giving your leads some breathing room, like whether it's giving the center-stage to a percussive sound for a beat or two or maybe a riff of another instrument can come through for a moment, even making room for some silence would be good. I think the next step for you on a technical level is stereo effects and 'placing' instruments in a way that can create a space. This definitely stresses the use of reverbs as well.

Alright, there are all my jumbled thoughts on this, good work my dude! Look forward to hearing more!

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TrickshotCat12 responds:

Holy shit dude! Thank you so much, i've always relied on you for giving some really good criticism, the piano part is really useful especially since i've learnt a new tactic and way to make the piano extremely good sounding along with like a real player (skilled player) playing it, I'm working on a special track, it's going to be including a vocalist and it'll be my first ever vocal song

I'll send you the link in a private message, although currently no vocals, the lyrics have been wrote for the first part.

Fuckt up! Fuckt up!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

And you said I was underrated...

I like the intro you've added and hearing that synth again was nostalgic and reminds of when I first came across this song. How long does your project say you worked on it?? Everything sounds very crisp on my setup. I like that it has a dance hook that you could play at a club but also has little background elements to make it fun for people who are just listening closely. I fucking love the lead synth that comes in at 1:15, everything is perfect about that. Are you sidechaining manually (via envelopes) or are you using the percussion peak to directly control the sidechain on the instruments? Both techniques definitely work, I'm just curious.

I would play with some heavier reverb on the violins though and maybe go in an randomize the velocities on the notes and do some subtle adjustments of the violins to make them not all start at grid points (to kind of emulate human error in playing real instruments). Obviously it's up and it's good so no need, just ideas to explore in the future.

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The-Cockenator responds:

Haha thanks this song has been coming and going for the last 3 years lost the save files so i had r create the violins but 60% of the song is content here from ng or soundcloud and the sidechain is really simple :/ just cotrolled with fruity limiter so super simple and easy i have done manually but it takes to much time and fruity limiter works just fine and the synth lead i used is just WASP something i learnd from seamlessR it is just one modulator throu allot of filters and distortions :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is really good, wow! You get the marching band style very well. I love the brass swells at 45s and how you use the higher timbre instruments in a sort of call and answer sort of fashion with the rest of the band.

What do you make this with?

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EliasGamez responds:

I made it with MAGIX Music Maker :) Thanks for your message! :D

Synthestesia Dolis - Red Mountain Shuffle Synthestesia Dolis - Red Mountain Shuffle

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad! Pretty catchy lead, a lot of your sounds don't fit together in the drop. What might help is letting your drop sound shine through and ditching your lead temporarily. When you're using you chords in the drop, I would volume gate the release off, so that the chord stop right when another sound comes in. Some transitional elements would be nice too, whether it be noise ramps or an evolving bass.

You have a great idea here! Especially the hook you have

Dolis responds:

Ok. Thanks for your feedback :) I had a lot of fun working on this track. I'm actually not much of a house fan, but my house songs seem to get the most attention lol